One Piece: How Strong Is Enel?

After operating for almost 1 / 4 of a century, A chunk assembled an infinite and colourful roster of villains. Over time, the energy of those villains has steadily elevated to ensure that Luffy and his pals to finish their very own improvement, a lot in order that the villains at the moment confronted have had disastrous successes. It is typically concluded {that a} broadcast’s major villain will possible lose in battle in opposition to the subsequent, and their energy will be pretty nicely measured or in contrast primarily based on the battles they’ve fought. There’s a significantly obvious exception to this rule: Enel, the archenemy of the Skypiea arc.


Earlier than the Straw Hats arrived on Skypiea (an island within the sky, because the title suggests), Enel usurped the place of Kami’s earlier proprietor, Gan Fall, and dominated it as a tyrant. Throughout the arc, she searches for one thing referred to as Fairy Vearth (later revealed to be the Moon herself) and is keen to destroy all of Skypiea along with her forces (pushed by an enormous golden ship) to take action.

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Enel’s Energy

What will be acknowledged with certainty is that Enel’s energy was immense and appeared virtually invincible at first. Enel ate Goro Goro no Mi and is subsequently the residing lightning. This skill is as devastating because it sounds. With a recognized most output of 200 million volts, Enel can simply gentle up most opponents. His nature as a lightning man additionally provides him an intimidating velocity, making him intangible within the face of most bodily assaults.

Enel can also be the primary confirmed main villain to wield Haki, or the Mantra as he was referred to as in Skypiea, and empowered with Satan Fruit powers, giving him almost omnipotence. And as if that weren’t sufficient, Enel’s powers additionally act as a form of defibrillator, restarting his coronary heart when it stops beating.

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Certainly, Enel was so robust that he defeated almost everybody he encountered within the story with out taking any harm, together with Sanji, Zoro, and Nico Robin. Enel was broken solely twice. First, the Shandoran warrior allowed Wyper to wield a weapon referred to as the reject dial on him, which was in a position to quickly cease his coronary heart, just for him to revive Wyper and rapidly defeat it.

Later, Enel is defeated by Luffy primarily due to his silly luck. Luffy’s Gomu-Gomu no Mi makes him a rubber man, which permits him to assault Enel although he hasn’t mastered Armament Haki at that time (which might have been the one different possibility), making him fully susceptible to Enel’s lightning. brings.

So How Sturdy Is Enel?

In line with pre-time soar requirements A chunk, Enel’s energy is horrible. One of the best measure of his energy comes from Oda himself, who answered a fan’s query in Quantity 43. Oda estimated that Enel’s bounty would attain 500 million Berry if he was acknowledged within the Blue Sea.

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