One Piece Proves Luffy’s Hardest Critics Wrong

The large adjustments in Luffy’s look and conduct induced some followers to criticize One Piece, however a traditional line within the final episode made every part clear.

Warning: comprises spoilers A chunk episode #1046

followers A chunk stunned by the sudden adjustments Luffy It went by the previous couple of chapters of Eiichiro Oda’s best-selling manga. Luffy’s new powers have modified not solely his look, but in addition his demeanor. However an epic second in episode 1046 reassures followers that the Straw Hat captain is similar particular person he was when his journey started 25 years in the past.

Luffy is likely one of the most recognizable characters within the manga world. His look has modified little over time (particularly because of the large wound he obtained through the Summit Struggle arc), and his beliefs and conduct have remained rock-solid. Luffy’s dream is to develop into the Pirate King, conquer the Grand Line and discover the One Piece, Gol D. Roger’s legendary treasure. He’s the embodiment of freedom and the need for journey, hates oppression and values ​​friendship and companionship above all else. His easy, naive and detached conduct fueled some. A chunk‘s finest comedy moments, however Luffy can get severe, particularly when his pals are in peril. Nevertheless, that modified drastically when he woke up the true powers of the Satan Fruit.


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Luffy ate Gomu Gomu no Mi within the first a part of the manga that offers his physique the properties of rubber. All through the collection, Luffy has discovered new, highly effective and inventive methods to make use of his powers, however followers by no means anticipated the massive reveal that got here in episode 1044. A chunk. Luffy’s Satan Fruit Hito Hito no Mi (Human Human Fruit)Mannequin: Nika, a Legendary kind of Zoan. This kind of Satan Fruit grants its wearer the powers and talents of a mythological creature, on this case a mysterious “god” from One Piece’s historic previous referred to as “Solar God Nika”. The World Authorities is so afraid of this fruit that it hid its actual title earlier than it was stolen and tried to achieve management of it however failed. When Luffy “woke up” his Satan Fruit powers throughout his terrifying combat with Kaido, he reworked into his Fifth Gear kind. The change in his look and conduct induced some destructive reactions from followers, however Eiichiro Oda instantly clarified the scenario.

In his woke up state, Luffy seems very totally different: his hair and garments are turning white, and there’s a cloud of smoke round his shoulders. This can be Nika’s look, however nearly nothing is at the moment recognized about this legendary determine. Luffy’s new powers additionally have an effect on his demeanor. They provide him the flexibility to govern the folks and objects round him to an inexplicable diploma, making his combat with Kaido seem like one thing straight out of a comedy cartoon. The impact was fairly complicated, as a result of A chunk fights are normally severe. Luffy now simply appears to be having enjoyable, laughing and hanging round on a regular basis. There was some hypothesis that this was really Nika’s persona taking up Luffy’s physique, however episode 1046 made it clear that this wasn’t the case. Luffy’s clear reply to Kaido’s query proves that regardless of his adjustments, this boy remains to be the identical child who continues to pursue his dream with out hesitation.

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