One Piece: The 10 Worst Episodes According to IMDb

A bitThe Wano Arc anime started an epic battle by which Luffy attacked Kaido with a strong punch, which truly resulted in Kaido bleeding, which shocked everybody. Now followers are excited for what’s to come back as they count on a sequence of epic battles to happen quickly, beginning with the Supernovas towards Kaido and Huge Mother.

Period A bit It’s among the many hottest and liked anime worldwide, inevitably having its justifiable share of unhealthy episodes, provided that it has aired over 1000 episodes in 23 years. Not surprisingly, many of those are filler episodes that followers generally assume are a waste of time. Some episodes are higher to look at solely as soon as, whether or not they’re dragging the plot, nonsensical skirmishes, or simply plain entertaining.


10 291. Boss Luffy Returns! A Dream or Actuality Lottery Drawback- 6.1

This episode takes place in Jipangu, an alternate actuality modeled on feudal Japan, inhabited by the Straw Hat Pirates and Buggy Pirates. Believing that Pandaman is Rika’s father, Buggy, the captain of the Buggy Pirates, tries to promote Rika as a slave to repay Pandaman’s money owed.

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This can be a filler part and is a part of 2 sections Boss Luffy Historic Ark. Followers had been disenchanted with how this episode was abruptly positioned in the midst of a heated battle throughout Ennies Foyer Arc, simply after Chopper began to rage in his battle towards Kumadori, a member of CP9, a bunch of villains.

9 492. The Strongest Crew of Groups! Luffy and Toriko’s Powerful Problem!- 6.0

Luffy and Toriko Teaming Up

As acknowledged within the title, this part is a transition between A bit and Toriko. On this episode, Luffy and Toriko meet on Hungry-la Island. the place there are particular animals for this episode solely. Additionally they eat the Multi-fruit (a fruit from Toriko’s world) after rescuing Komatsu and Nami from the Cocoalas who kidnapped them.

Good to see different anime characters although A bit, the episode would not actually matter to the general story. One attainable purpose for the episode’s poor scores was that it aired proper after the episode. Battle of Marinefordthe place followers noticed the demise of two fan-favorite characters, Ace and Whitebeard (and Luffy almost died).

8 1005. The Energy of the Ice Oni! A New Model of Plague Excursions!- 6.0


A number of occasions happen in numerous components of the floating Onigashima Island on this episode. On their technique to the Emperor, Luffy, Sanji and Jinbe battle to surpass Kaido’s minions. The Queen infects each allies and enemies with a virus that turns them into ice monsters. The scabbard hit Kaido with a weaker model of Oden’s hallmark method, and it did not fairly work.

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Whereas the episode appeared to have elevated its infamous pacing in comparison with earlier chapters, it nonetheless felt a lot slower even when in comparison with the manga. Some scenes that had been seen as pointless and full-blown by followers are nonetheless current within the episode, particularly when the scabbards assault Oden collectively.

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