One Piece: Top 10 Non-Captain Awards, Ranking

within the final half A bitArriving to seize the Straw Hats and their allies, Admiral Aramaki fought with Momonosuke, Yamato, and the samurai as they tried to cease him. Elsewhere, Sabo is reported to have killed Nefertari Cobra, king of Alabasta, inspiring the eight kingdoms to revolt towards the federal government, bringing Chapter 1054. A bit to a stunning conclusion.

Well-known captains around the globe, such because the 4 Emperors, obtain monumental rewards for his or her actions, whereas members of their crew obtain an enormous reward for taking part in it. Unsurprisingly, all however one of many individuals on this record had been a part of the crew of the 4 Emperors, and because the 4 Emperors are essentially the most harmful pirates with the best bounties, it is solely pure that their crews ought to have better rewards. greater than some pirate captains.


10 Charlotte Snack – 600 million Strawberries

As Totto Land’s Potato Minister, Charlotte Snack guidelines Potato Island as Emperor Huge Mother’s forty fourth little one. He was once one of many Candy Commanders of the Huge Mother Pirates, however misplaced his rank two years in the past after his defeat by the hands of Supernova Urogue she.

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Not a lot is understood about Snack’s skills apart from having the ability to wield a big katana. Within the anime, he can go head-to-head with the Raid Swimsuit powered Vinsmoke Decide. As one of many former Candy Commanders, it may be assumed that Snack is likely one of the strongest members of the Huge Mother Pirates, justifying his bounty.

9 Sabo – 602,000,000 Strawberries

Sabo from One Piece

Sabo is the chief of workers of the Revolutionary Military and is taken into account the second-in-command of the whole group, solely surpassed by one of many strongest characters, Monkey D. Dragon. He’s additionally the half-brother of Portgas D. Ace, the 2nd Division Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates, and Monkey D. Luffy, the protagonist and one of many present Emperors.

Because the second-in-command of a company opposing the World Authorities, Sabo could be very highly effective as he has mastered Armament and Commentary Haki and has not too long ago acquired the Logia-type Flame Flare Fruit, Ace’s former Satan Fruit. His energy and authority justifies the bounty on his head.

8 Charlotte Perospero – 700 million Strawberries

Charlotte Perospero, the primary little one of the previous Emperor Huge Mother, is an officer of the Huge Mother Pirates and serves because the Minister of Sugar for Totto Nation, answerable for Sweet Island. She makes use of the Paramecia-type Lick-Lick Fruit that permits her to create and management sweet.

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Perospero could be very sturdy and sturdy. He survived simply after Pedro brought on a large explosion, dropping his proper arm. With Satan Fruit, big sweet iron maidens can create mechanical constructions and kill individuals inside minutes after turning them into sweet, which exhibits how harmful they are often.

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