One Piece: Where is the Last Path Poneglyph

world A piece Contains four Paths Poneglyphs. Each one reveals a coordinate that, when combined with the others, reveals the location of Laugh Tale, the island where it is supposed to hold the One Piece treasure. Every Road Poneglyph’s location was discovered by Gol. D. Roger and team over 20 years ago — but now one seems to be missing.

On Oden’s return, the Roger Pirates find the various Path Poneglyphs with relative ease. They already had an advantage that Big Mom had, Minks and Oden uncovered what happened in Zou and Wano, and the other was discovered on Fishman Island. The Straw Hats have now visited all these places, but the person on Fishman Island has mysteriously disappeared since the Roger Pirates arrived. Who could have carried it and where did they carry it?

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The first possibility is Whitebeard. Following Roger’s death, Edward Newgate became the protector of Fish-Man Island and claimed it as his territory to prevent pirate attacks. He was also one of the few who knew the significance of the Path Poneglyph. Even Whitebeard’s mighty name might not have been enough to frighten pirates looking for Laughing Tale. It is possible for pirate groups to move the red stone, knowing that it will turn the island into a seeking battlefield.

Behind Whitebeard was a strong crew and many other islands under his protection, so where could he hide his Path Poneglyph? The three islands confirmed to be protected by him were Fish-Man Island, a small tribal island called Foodvalten, and Whitebeard’s home of the Sphinx.

The most likely of these options is the Sphinx, who, like Pheonix Marco, remains under the protection of the remnants of Whitebeard’s crew, and is not dependent on the World Government as he cannot pay the Heavenly Tribute to the Heavenly Dragons. This will make the Sphinx the perfect place to store the Path Poneglyph. Pirates probably don’t and if they do, the former Whitebeard Pirates have made protecting their late father’s home their top priority, and it’s unlikely that the Navy will ever visit an island outside of its jurisdiction.

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Whitebeard, however, is not the only one A piece Who could hide the Path Poneglyph. Knowing the true history of the world and the arrival of Joy Boy in the near future, it is likely that one of the Roger Pirates moved him. Perhaps seeing that Fish-Man Island was fairly easy to access, they wanted to keep other pirates and even the World Government away from it. If they’re hiding it, there are several possible places.

Lodestar Island, the last island before the Laugh Tale, is an option considered more likely than Roger Pirates to be the first humans to reach the area in years. Similarly, little is known about the next option, the Valley of God, which was completely wiped from the Global Map after an event 38 years ago. Since the Roger Pirates had been there before, they could have easily returned, regardless of whether it was on newer maps, unless the island itself was destroyed.

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