One Piece’s Last Villains Near Their Big Arrival

One Piece said that the Blackbeard Pirates have finally made their move and this will have huge ramifications for the future of the series.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Episode 1047 A piece

Blackbeard and his crew will likely be the last villains. A pieceepic saga. They’ve been absent from the scene for a while as fans speculate about their next action, but the best-selling manga has said that the Blackbeard Pirates are finally in action, with huge ramifications for the world. A piece.

Fans speculated that Marshal D. Teach’s next target would be the Road Poneglyph, which belongs to Big Mom and is kept at his base on Whole Cake Island. While the Empress is away to fight alongside Kaido on Wano Island with some of her strongest children, and her kingdom remains under the influence of the Straw Hat Pirates’ latest attack to save Sanji, Blackbeard invades and steals Whole Cake. This would be the best time. poneglyph This would get him one step closer to achieving the Laugh Tale and becoming the Pirate King. latest series A pieceThe cover stories (additional stories told on the cover pages of certain episodes) are set in Whole Cake Island, as they chronicle the aftermath of Sanji’s escape and the fate of his two brothers who are held captive there. The cover story for episode 1046, “A Pair of Intruders in Pudding’s Turf,” greatly amused fans and apparently proved their theory correct. It shows the inhabitants of Chocolat Town, one of the cities in Big Mom’s kingdom, fleeing from two shadowy figures showing only their feet.


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In episode 1047, fans were expected to see a sequel, but the cover story was replaced by a full-color cover art, which sparked further speculation. A piece‘s creator Eiichiro Oda may be recording the appearance of the Blackbeard pirates, which will resonate greatly for the rest of the series, in one of the next episodes, which will be the end of the current fight between Luffy and Kaido, which is also a big event. comes to an epic conclusion. Fans are also trying to confirm this theory by noting the similarities between the silhouette shown in the cover story and some members of Blackbeard’s crew. Others have brought up inconsistencies in the behavior of Oven, one of Big Mom’s sons, throughout their cover story; this could mean that she has been replaced by Catarina Devon, who has a Devil Fruit that allows her to imitate other people’s appearances. This may have happened after episode 7 of the cover story (episode #1043), where a group of shadowy figures are (barely) visible from afar, waiting to ambush Oven.

The fact that episode 1047 doesn’t include a cover story could be an important clue that Oda is waiting for the perfect moment for this big reveal. It is very likely that towards the end of the manga, Luffy and Blackbeard will race towards the Laugh Tale and the One Piece treasure that awaits there. While the series has a lot more to go, A piece The game is undoubtedly reaching its end, especially given developments such as Luffy unlocking Gear 5 powers and solving a few big mysteries. Given all this, it makes sense that the series hints at a confrontation between Luffy and Blackbeard at the end.

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