Readers defend a trash can worker caught on CCTV by calling residents “dirty bas *****”

Readers took up the defense of a trash can worker whose crude tirade was captured by a resident’s CCTV camera earlier this week.

The garbage collector who emptied the recycling bins in Penrhyn Bay on Wednesday can be heard in the footage shouting “I already told you dirty bottom *****, I’m not emptying it” after looking at the inside a blue bin.

The resident who captured the footage says the incident was not the first time that “garbage men have been heard swearing at residents.”

Read more The garbage speech of a trash can employee filmed in CCTV calling residents “dirty bas *****”

Conwy’s counsel says he has been in contact with the resident who was the subject of the trash man’s ire to provide an update and an apology.

But the general consensus of over 200 comments on the article was that the trash can man was well within his rights to “kick off” the condition of the recycling bin.

The worker was caught screaming calling the residents “dirty bas *****” before calling them “smelly”

The majority of people were quick to express their gratitude for the work done by their garbage collectors and stressed that materials should be rinsed and food waste bagged before being thrown into their respective bins.

Mandy Neal wrote: “Some people don’t use trash bags, also throw food waste in them and wouldn’t dream of washing their recycling, if they even recycle it. Some even wash their black trash cans. Totally side-by-side. trash man here. “

Karen Gill said: “Our garbage / recycling pickers have always been nothing but polite and courteous and have always done a great job. Remember, they have continued to work throughout this pandemic when a lot of people ‘between us stayed at home and even in bad weather they make sure that our bins are emptied and that this service is continuously offered to our communities.

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“Some members of the public ARE dirty and unsanitary, would you be happy to empty someone’s food bin if it wasn’t covered in a bag or presented as required like the rest of us are trying to sack? ‘comply with it ?? NO! I wouldn’t either, because he then has to walk around and continue doing his job with this mess on his hands / gloves as he has no facilities to wash it, so this is going to pass on everyone’s bin handles and then he would be filmed and blamed for it too!

“I hope the board will rightly dismiss this complaint and let these guys do a good job.”

Ian Wheeler commented: “Just because it’s a trash can it doesn’t have to be dirty and stinky. The guy is doing his job, he can make any comments he wants on the state that someone is in. ‘one leaves his trash. “

Su Edwards added, “The guys are great in my area.”

Mike Miller said: “I’m just telling it like it is. Probably not the offending binman here.”

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