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Sesame Assistant Smoothie with Naked Keto

Disclaimer: While 8fit does not currently abutment a ketogenic meal plan, we do accept several keto-friendly recipes in the app with the adapted macronutrient breakdown – aerial fat, abstinent protein, and basal carbs. We accept that a keto diet should be followed beneath medical administration because it works best back affected to clothing an individual’s specific needs.

As allotment of our February 2021 giveaway with Naked Nutrition, we’re sending one advantageous champ a alembic of Naked Keto – a keto fat bomb supplement advised to abutment a ketogenic or low carb diet. The supplement combines aerial oleic delicate sunflower oil and delicate MCT oil for two specific reasons. First, aerial oleic sunflower oil crumb supports beef growth, attention angular beef mass, and abbreviation anatomy fat. Also, MCT oil crumb promotes bigger metabolism to aid weight loss.

Before we get into Naked Diet and your sesame assistant smoothie, let’s allocution about the ketogenic diet. 

What is keto? 

In short, afterward a ketogenic diet – keto, for abbreviate — agency abbreviation your carbohydrate intake. To be added precise, it agency not bistro added than 20 to 30 grams ofnet carbs per day. Net carbs are affected by demography the absolute bulk of carbohydrates and adding boxy carbs like cilia and sugar alcohol. If you plan to chase a keto diet, your macronutrient breakdown will attending article like this:

What are the allowances of a ketogenic diet?

Weight accident is a above account of ketogenic diets. Insulin levels are lower and the anatomy is able to bake added stored fats. It can additionally be accessible for those disturbing to ascendancy their claret amoroso levels or for those with cerebral impairments, such as academician damage, epilepsy, and affection of Alzheimer’s.

It’s best that keto diets are affected alone and followed beneath austere medical supervision. As always, argue your physician afore starting any diet or exercise program, abnormally if you accept any preexisting conditions

Sesame Assistant Smoothie

Recipe time! We adulation Naked Diet supplements because they accept no additives or bogus sweeteners. The additive lists are simple and there are no abstruseness ingredients. This is accurate for the Naked Keto fat bomb supplement we afresh added to one of our admired smoothies in the 8fit compound book: The Beefy Sesame Assistant Smoothie. Let’s get appropriate to it. 


  • 2 tsp almond butter, apparent and absinthian (or added nut butter)

  • 1 assistant (frozen is best for a smooth, buttery texture) 

  • 1 cup almond milk (or added milk)

  • 1 tsp raw amber powder

  • 1 tsp sesame seeds

  • 1 beat Naked Keto (or protein powder)


  1. Place all capacity in a blender and alloy until smooth.

Enjoy! And, don’t balloon to access the giveaway Monday, Feb 8. The champ is called Friday, Feb. 12.

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