Sexism Was Shikamaru’s Biggest Failure

Shikamaru Nara was a fan favourite naruto. His lazy persona and genius strategic acumen have made him engaging to many followers. Shikamaru was one of many smartest characters within the collection and a born chief. He was additionally the one member of the Konoha 12 to be promoted throughout the Chunin Exams. Nevertheless, Shikamaru positively had flaws, and these usually got here again to chunk him.

Many followers could neglect that Shikamaru was a really sexist character when he was first launched. He usually complained concerning the ladies round him, ignoring their expertise and skills. Shikamaru seemed down on ladies typically, together with his personal teammate and his mom. He even went as far as to overtly state that he hates ladies. Nevertheless, over the course of the collection, not solely is his sexist concepts confirmed fallacious, it additionally results in a few of his largest failings.

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Shikamaru usually underestimates ladies’s expertise. He does not suppose a lot of the ladies in his village like Ino and Sakura. The considered shedding to a girl embarrasses him, and he tries to keep away from utilizing their assist each time he can. She does not see a lot worth in feminine ninjas with regards to combating. In a wierd type of karmic justice, Shikamaru is paying a heavy value for these bigoted concepts.

There’s a fixed gag throughout episode 1 naruto The place Shikamaru solely fights ladies, to his nice displeasure. For every of his massive one-on-one fights within the collection, Shikamaru at all times confronts a girl. Throughout these fights, he’s usually pushed to the restrict. Her intelligence permits her to defeat the Sound ninja Kin throughout the preliminary matches, however she is defeated towards Temari as a result of Temari forces her to make use of an excessive amount of chakra throughout her fights. Shikamaru is later practically killed by Tayuya throughout the Sasuke Retrieval Mission and learns the onerous means to not underestimate ladies.

His views on his feminine companions have additionally been confirmed fallacious. Ino turns into a significant helper when he connects the minds of the whole military throughout the Fourth Shinobi World Struggle. Sakura shortly improves her expertise and turns into one of many world’s best medical ninjas. Even Temari saves Shikamaru’s life towards Tayuya and defeats him. Shikamaru learns that many of the ladies can actually be proficient and highly effective ninjas who’re a lot stronger than he’s.

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Shikamaru considers the Sasuke Retrieval Mission one in every of his best failures. Not solely have been they unable to carry Sasuke again, practically everybody who went on the mission was critically injured. That is an instance the place Shikamaru’s sexist beliefs led to his downfall. No feminine ninja is taken into account when Shikamaru chooses the members of the staff. Tsunade tells them that nearly each ninja within the village is busy, so the gene should select for the duty, however not any feminine ninja.

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