Slimbiotics GmbH Adds New US Entity and Grows Executive Leadership Team

Slimbiotics Inc. will be led by Co-CEOs Brian Peeters and Gregory Bonfilio, veterans of the biotics industry who have extensive experience building commercial sales across various market channels and product categories. Peeters and Bonfilio will be working out of the new Slimbiotics Inc. office in the San Francisco Bay Area. They will focus on business development, marketing, and sales of the Slimbiotics offerings and will bring clinically-documented, biotic-based weight management ingredients to the portfolios of top consumer brands throughout the Americas.

Wang Xu most recently worked for Chr. Hansen as business development manager, and from 2016-2020 he was at HSO Health Care GmbH and led global sales and brand growth of Astarte, which Chr. Hansen acquired in 2020. He will be based in the Slimbiotics headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

“Slimbiotics’ founding was based on a unique and ambitious formula, and its high value was immediately clear to me,” said Helmut Essl, Slimbiotics founder, and chairman. “Victor, Brian, and Greg were equally inspired by the Slimbiotics opportunity and are motivated to break new ground in the biotics landscape. These three are among the most ambitious and successful managers in the biotics market and have played key roles in the development of emerging probiotic sectors. With our new team in place, we have the promise of success, and we are all very much looking forward to expanding our offerings in North and Latin America and other new geographic regions together.”

The collection of strains comprising the Slimbiotics formula is derived from a unique fermented food source known as Kimere, a porridge-type substance found in the foothills of Mt. Kenya. Kimere is made through a spontaneous fermentation of pearl millet dough by the Mbeere community of East Africa and contains high concentrations of living microorganisms. The probiotic strains produced in the active cereal state were discovered by medical researchers investigating the role of the intestinal microbiota on various human health concerns, including impairment of glucose metabolism and insulin resistance. The strains in Kimere were isolated and characterized for their anti-inflammatory and gut barrier enhancing properties to increase microbial diversity and potentially help reduce weight-associated risks from changing metabolic conditions. The unique Slimbiotics strains are protected by international patents and patents pending. They are at the forefront of a new generation of entirely plant based probiotic organisms naturally occurring in traditional foods.

About Slimbiotics GmbH:
Slimbiotics GmbH was founded by Austrian entrepreneurs Helmut Essl and Alexander Schütz with the goal of developing plant-derived, clinically-backed bios and making them available to consumers looking to maintain a healthy weight and overall metabolic wellbeing. Previous to Slimbiotics, Essl was the founder and CEO of HSO Health Care GmbH, a company offering the branded probiotic solution, Astarte, targeting women’s urogenital health. Astarte was acquired by Chr. Hansen in 2020.

For inquiries in the Americas, please contact:
Gregory Bonfilio
[email protected]

For all other inquiries, please contact:
Juan Victor Wang Xu
[email protected]

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