SPIRE Academy: A dynamic sports boarding school for Olympic and NCAA hopefuls

Scholarship. Perseverance. Innovation. Resilience. Empathy. These are the core values ​​interwoven throughout the curriculum at SPIRE Academy, a sports boarding school for Grades 9 to 12 in Geneva, Ohio.

Here, you’ll find athletes boasting competencies such as global awareness, critical thinking, leadership, communication (written and speaking), collaboration and creativity. They’re balancing daily academic, personal, professional and career aspirations within facilities and programs that nurture personal growth and stimulate the desires to challenge oneself. They’re identifying and experiencing professions and career development opportunities with the help of a Career and College Placement team. They’re getting the ideal exposure to the collegiate coaching network and set to join hundreds of their peers at top collegiate programs across the US.

These students prove that for all its unique and impressive sports facilities, there is so much more to SPIRE than just sports. This is an academy that equips high school students and postgraduates to be fully prepared for life’s personal and professional experiences and see potential obstacles as opportunities.

This is made possible through the academy’s four-pillar program — academics (five hours a day), majors such as basketball, esports, lacrosse, swimming, soccer, track & field and wrestling (four hours a day), personal skill development (woven into academics and majors each day), career exploration (one hour per week).

Here, the curriculum is not in age-defined terms. Rather, it is based on students feeling ready and interested to study a particular area, thus being encouraged to pursue passion areas and obtain deeper levels of understanding.

Students can take a progression of courses, all of which integrate and link content threads through projects that help them see the real-world application of what they are exploring in class.

SPIRE Academy

Every student at SPIRE Academy is taught to exceed expectations in their sport. Source: SPIRE Academy

These courses include English, World History, Mathematics, Science, World Language, Health and Fine Arts — all of which are taught through workshops, electives and seminars. Career explorations are linked to the curriculum too, so students are able to see the integration of their experiences across domains. Should you find passion in courses not offered, SPIRE provides students the option to pursue online courses through self-directed studies.

“SPIRE students receive programming based on leadership, community and character – all critical to college and career success,” says Director of Academics Kate Reedy.

Superb boarding and sports facilities for the serious athletes

Walk into SPIRE’s one-of-a-kind campus and its sports facilities will impress. In 2012, its 750,000 square feet facility was completed, allowing the academy to host many Division 1, II and III competitions/championships plus National championships in Track and Field and Swimming. In December 2019, the new owner purchased SPIRE, allowing a much bigger vision to become a reality.

SPIRE Academy

A SPIRE education integrates professional training, education and competition across a wide variety of sports, disciplines and possible career paths. Source: SPIRE Academy

Soon, SPIRE opened SPIRE Academy, a fully-accredited, college preparatory boarding and day high school. It expanded its year-round sports camps, brought universities/colleges and corporations on campus, expanded the number of sports majors to seven (basketball, swimming, track and field, wrestling, lacrosse, soccer, e-sports, and now women’s basketball) and added sports-related and non-sports majors.

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