Sweers Island hits market for $3.95 million as current owners vow ‘good people’ will take it over

Known among anglers as a fishers’ paradise, the pristine Sweers Island in the Gulf of Carpentaria has hit the market at $3.95 million.

Its reputation for world-class fishing, resort accommodation and pristine beaches means more than 900 accommodation nights have already been booked by tourists for 2022.

Thomas, better known as Tex, and Lyn Battle have been managing the tourist hotspot, on the land of the Kaiadilt people, for the past 34 years.

While interest in the island is high, the couple say it will take a special type of buyer to seal the deal on the 8-kilometre long and 2km wide island.

A woman captures pictures of the morning glory from Sweers Island.
Tourists often make return visits to Sweers Island.(Supplied: Sarah Martin)

“It’s been a hard decision to sell up. We’ve been here for 34 years but my date of birth has caught up to me and we’ve realised we have to sell,” Mr Battle said.

“We’ve already said no to a few developer-types, that’s definitely not what we want.

“We want someone who is going to love this place as much as we have and who is going to maybe invest in a few upgrades. A chef would be nice, for example.”

Along with its own private airstrip, accommodation, fishing charter, liquor licence facilities, mobile and internet, Sweers Island is the only tourist hotspot in the region.

Private Islands Online’s Richard Vanhoff said many potential buyers had already shown interest in the island.

“No other land for lease will be made available on any islands within the Gulf of Carpentaria for the use as resort business, so no competition,” Mr Vanhoff said.

A man and woman embrace on a coastline with a boat and kayak behind them.
Lyn and Tex Battle embrace before she set off to become the first woman to circumnavigate the island.(Supplied: Lyn Battle)

Mr Battle said it was a “walk in, walk out” sale.

“If someone buys it, they get everything we have here. Cabins, workshops, machinery, everything,” he said.

As the couple prepare to depart the island at the end of the year, they say the biggest highlight of managing the getaway has been the people they have encountered over the years.

Water laps at a sandbar.
The Battles say they plan to visit the island from time to time after the sale.(Supplied: Mary-Anne Langridge)

“We’ve met everyone from council workers to millionaires. They’re all the same when they’re here. They come here to enjoy themselves,” he said.

“The highlights have simply been visits from nice people or seeing people return year after year and enjoy themselves.

Sweers Island is an idyllic tourist spot in the Gulf of Carpentaria
Sweers Island is an idyllic tourist spot in the Gulf of Carpentaria.(Supplied: Tex Battle)

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