The majority of the world has promised to end deforestation. But companies are standing in the way.

Aerial view showing trees and empty field due to deforestation

While a majority of the world pledged to end deforestation at the UN climate conference in November, many of the world’s most influential corporations and financial institutions are still lagging behind on the issue. . That’s according to a report by Global Canopy, a UK-based nonprofit. The report, known as the Forest 500, identifies 350 … Read more

Feed supplier to UK farm animals still linked to Amazon deforestation | Deforestation

A major supplier of animal feed is still buying soya and corn from a farm linked to deforestation in the Amazon, despite having pledged to clean up its global supply chains. Cargill, a giant agricultural multinational that sells feed to British chicken farms, buys crops from a farm growing soybeans on deforested land in the … Read more