Teaching North American Leaders that Putting Employees First is the Most Profitable Business Strategy

Realize Strategies
Realize Strategies

Realize Strategies

Realize Strategies is a Certified B Corp that specializes in organizational design and innovation centered around a people-first approach.
Realize Strategies is a Certified B Corp that specializes in organizational design and innovation centered around a people-first approach.

Realize Strategies announces official launch of multidisciplinary education program that focuses on
building an employee-centered culture while navigating the post-pandemic workplace

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, May 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Realize Strategies, a Vancouver-based, award-winning organizational design and business innovation firm is excited to announce the launch of a unique professional development program that puts employees first as a way to build company profits. Curated by industry experts, RealizeU is a virtual multidisciplinary program designed for leaders and managers who are interested in building their leadership skills in areas such as governance and employee management, with the goal of cultivating an exceptional organizational culture. The end result? Research shows that when employees are highly engaged, profits increase by more than 20%, as Gallup found in this study.

“We are so excited to be able to bring the essential, innovative strategies that have been proven effective in driving success for our clients to a wider audience,” explains John Kay, CEO of Realize Strategies. “The content in these courses is drawn from our decades of experience consulting with businesses and organizations across multiple sectors, and packaged in an accessible, engaging way. These are invaluable, practical tools that will help organizations thrive, while empowering leaders to develop a resilient leadership mindset.”

Who is this program for?

RealizeU is designed for emerging and established leaders, managers, and board directors looking to further develop their leadership skills and impact managing teams of all sizes. The program offers a unique online learning experience to help participants discover their leadership potential. Courses cover topics such as:

  • How to create and support a motivating employee experience that improves overall employee fulfillment, alignment, retention and performance.
  • How to adapt your organization’s leadership to better align with an engaging post-pandemic workplace.

Courses are three hours in length and designed to be accessible from anywhere, taking place via Zoom and Miro with industry experts at Realize Strategies. Participants can also build a customized toolkit of applied skills, sector insights and practical experience, while enjoying opportunities for cohort connections and collaboration.

“I’m delighted to be a part of RealizeU and for the chance to work with leaders all over North America to help them level-up their approach to leadership,” says Alison Marshall, Principal Consultant and RealizeU instructor. “The pandemic forced businesses and organizations to rethink their approach to managing teams, and RealizeU is designed to support leaders through this transition and beyond. The workplace is constantly changing; Developing an agile, resilient, and people-centered mindset is crucial to improving retention, productivity and overall performance.”

All courses are taught by experienced consultants and leaders who have extensive knowledge in helping client organizations align people, culture and strategy. The full course list can be found here.


RealizeU will officially launch its first set of classes in June 2022, and registration is open now. All courses are $299 (including tax) and team discounts are also available by emailing info@realizeu.ca.

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