The 10 Worst Naruto Characters in Series History, According to Ranker

Greater than 600 episodes and a profitable spin-off title pipe, naruto has quite a few characters that viewers can relate to and empathize with. That features the title character, who is set to develop into Konoha’s finest ninja regardless of rising up as an orphan and outcast.

Nonetheless, the beloved anime collection additionally has a handful of characters with indisputably irreparable traits. There are some characters, from the ineffective Udon to the obsessive Karin. naruto Strongly disliked by anime followers on Ranker.


10 Sasuke Uchiha

Close-up of Sasuke awakening his Mangekyo Sharingan in Naruto

Sasuke made numerous errors. Whereas some followers justify Sasuke’s actions by saying that he misplaced his household and seeks revenge, there may be nonetheless no acceptable purpose for betraying Hidden Leaf Village and killing numerous folks.

Furthermore, Sasuke is extremely robust. Along with possessing the Dojutso Sharingan due to his clan, he can summon the devastating Susanoo and use the six path approach due to his Rinnegan. Additionally, followers assume Sasuke is a horrible husband for Sakura and father to Sarada, as he left his household in Konohagakure to realize extra energy.

9 Udon

Udon Shippuden in Naruto

Udon did not play a giant half in any of the occasions. naruto. He was referred to as the silent member of the Konohamaru Ninja Squad, led by Naruto fanatic Konohamaru Sarutobi. Udon acknowledged that he usually cherished math within the scenes he performed and was even seen doing math issues at school.

Nonetheless, some followers vehemently disliked him as he does not have a standout persona not like a lot of the characters in Udon. naruto. Furthermore, viewers discovered Udon disgusting, as mucus consistently dripped from his nostril.

8 Boruto Uzumaki

Boruto Rasengan

Some followers have many the reason why? naruto franchise selected to not pursue its spin-off pipe. For one, the present deserted many fascinating characters. naruto, frog sages and Baki. However the greatest purpose pipe not as nicely obtained naruto it is because of its titular protagonist.

Being the Hokage’s son, Boruto tends to behave like a spoiled brat and forgets that his father has an excessive amount of on his fingers. Followers have been additionally aggravated by Boruto’s dishonest scandal in the course of the Chunin Exams.

7 Kaguya Otsutsuki

Otsutsuki chieftain Kaguya serves as some of the highly effective villains on this planet. naruto Universe. After consuming the fruit of the God Tree, Kaguya turned the primary chakra holder on this planet. Kaguya has godlike talents comparable to erasing folks’s reminiscences and interstellar teleportation.

Nonetheless, viewers of the present did not like the way in which Kaguya was written into the story. Not like Madara, who was created to be the villain in a number of domains, followers felt that Kaguya had fallen into the leisure world. naruto with out totally revealing who he’s and what his objectives are.

6 Ebisu

Ebisu against the blue sky in Naruto

Inside narutoEbisu is a coach who as soon as teamed up with May Man and Genma Shiranui. He isn’t proven utilizing any specific Jutsus or strategies, however this can be as a result of Ebisu didn’t play a serious function within the collection.

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