The Best Unofficial Xbox Series X Controllers

Although Microsoft has been working hard to turn the Xbox Series X into a truly revolutionary platform that plays host to a number of amazing and entertaining exclusive releases, there is something the company has always done well. Ever since the Xbox 360’s inception, many players have been madly in love with the Xbox controller, an intelligently-designed and comfortable peripheral that sees only minor changes (for the better) with each generation.

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But official Xbox Series X controllers can be a bit expensive. It’s worth the cost, as these durable controllers are very well-made and should last players a while if they take care of them. That said, accidents happen, and it’s possible to lose a controller in an instant. For those that don’t have the funds readily available to simply replace the official controller at a higher cost, there are a wide array of options on the market from third-party sellers that mimic the look and feel of Xbox’s iconic device. Those that need a new controller, are looking for a new style, or need extra controllers for at-home multiplayer, should consider these unofficial Xbox Series X compatible controllers.


5 Turtle Beach Recon

Although wireless controllers are great for freedom when gaming, it can be frustrating to keep them charged. Many modern controllers have pretty extensive battery life, but players that are looking to move away from batteries and secure something wired should consider the Turtle Beach Recon. This controller looks a bit different than the original Xbox Series X controller but still maintains the iconic and comfortable shape that Microsoft developed. What really helps to set this controller apart form the pack are its features.

Turtle Beach is best known for its audio devices and headphones, which is why the company inserted some seriously powerful sound technology into this peripheral. Players can use an equalizer to change their sound, mute their microphone with the push of a button, and gain an edge over their opponents by activating the Superhuman Hearing setting, which mixes the audio to help players hear footsteps and other sounds better.

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4 Razer Wolverine V2

Players that want more performance out of their controller can opt for the Razer Wolverine V2. Razer has been busy creating tons of different devices and items for players, from headsets and mice to gaming chairs and controllers, and everything else in between. Most of their items are geared toward giving players an edge over the competition and the Razer Wolverine V2 is no exception. The expertly crafted device offers faster trigger pulls thanks to its Hair Trigger mode, and has extra durable tactile buttons that have increased longevity.

It’s customizable thanks to its remapping and additional bumper buttons. It has a built-in 3.5mm audio port and a thick durable cord. What really sets this device apart from its competitors is the slightly re-designed shape. It’s ergonomically crafted to give players a better grip and feel, with triggers and adjustable thumbsticks that help improve precision.

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