The ‘D’ in Luffy’s Name Isn’t What You Think

One of many world’s biggest mysteries A bit “D.” seems within the names of many vital characters, such because the protagonist. is the that means of the letter. Monkey D. Luffy. Given the collection’ love of lore and thriller, A bit Followers are significantly vulnerable to invent compelling theories concerning the secrets and techniques of the story, and this one is not any exception, particularly since D is ridiculed for being linked to the key historical past of the world that holds the important thing to lots of the manga’s mysteries.

In A bit lore, “The Will of D”. one thing that connects characters with that preliminary of their names, whether or not by blood or not (for instance, Monkey D. Luffy himself). It will will be inherited via the ages and apparently represents opposition to those that rule the world, the Celestial Dragons.


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One of many many theories that followers have developed in Will of D. is especially fascinating as a result of it hyperlinks it to a different much less obtrusive thriller of the collection: the fixed presence of solar and moon-related symbolism.

D.’s Will

D.’s Will is talked about a number of occasions within the manga, most notably when Nico Robin tries to ask the Pirate King Gol D. Roger’s former second-in-command, Silvers Rayleigh, concerning the significance of “The Will of the Will.” D.” by concurrently bringing the Void Century to the fore, implying a connection between the 2. The second essential reference is made by Donquixote Rosinante, an historical Celestial Dragon: when she learns that her protege has a “D” of their Legislation, she tells him this chief of their identify. He defined that these with the letter all belonged to the identical household, chosen by destiny. He additionally mentioned that there was a “household D” in a selected nation. It was known as the “Pure Enemy of God.” As a result of the Celestial Dragons are thought-about the “gods” of the world. A bit Rocinante believes the D.s are subsequently their enemies.

It’s true that D. typically seems within the names of troubled people who’re enemies of the World Authorities. Most significantly, in a flashback that reveals Roger’s previous, the Pirate King tells him that the federal government known as him the “Golden Roger” to cover his actual identify. The Roger Pirates discovered the that means of D. after they reached the “final island” of Snigger Story, and after they discovered JoyBoy’s treasure, they implied as soon as once more that D.’s that means is linked to world historical past. Different key bearers of Will of D. are Monkey D. Dragon, Luffy’s father and the world’s most wished man, Marshall D. Train, also called Blackbeard, a harmful pirate decided to upset the world order, and Rocks D. Xebec. . The pirate who instantly attacked the Celestial Dragons to usurp their energy.

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