The MCU’s The Masters of Evil Could Include The Leader

The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s latest phase has gone above and beyond in delivering new content and following up on long-forgotten topics and characters. Even recently, the Abomination returned in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings as a stronger and more evolved version of himself. But there’s another villain who has yet to make a dramatic reappearance, and one team could offer the perfect space for their epic return.

In The Incredible Hulk, Samuel Sterns was obsessed with synthesizing and making more of Bruce Banner’s blood. He was also responsible for temporarily curing Banner and turning Emil Blonsky into Abomination. But his curiosity got the better of him, and when Blonsky escaped, he knocked Sterns into some machinery, forcing some of Banner’s blood into his head wound and expanding his mind. The scene served as a tease into his evolution as the hyper-intelligent being known as The Leader. However, just as quickly as he appeared, he just as quickly vanished. But that doesn’t mean that Sterns couldn’t be hard at work on his grand plan for gamma-irradiated power.

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Much like how Blonsky and Mordo had lived during the events of the MCU, Stens could still be hard at work using his intelligence to create new gamma monsters that he could control. Plus, with the Hulk having been off-world and Jennifer Walters becoming the She-Hulk, the possibility for more studies in gamma has also become more prevalent. Finally, the appearance of Hulk, Blonsky and She-Hulk could spur the villain to emerge from hiding and settle an old score, maybe by stealing the power of Banner and Walters for himself. But he wouldn’t be the only villain making big moves.

Zemo last appeared in custody during the events of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. But since he’s both intelligent and resourceful, it’s logical he would escape to prevent the escalation of superpowered beings further. However, as their numbers continue to grow, he’d have to even the score and could create the Masters of Evil. That was a group of villains created by Zemo to take on the Avengers in the comics. And in the MCU, its lineup could include Sterns, who would also have his own army of creatures. But what would make the dynamic even more interesting would be how both villas play against one another.

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On the one hand, Sterns would want to achieve his own goals and use Zemo’s resources to his advantage before betraying him. But on the other, Zemo would likely dispose of his teammates, especially since they are as dangerous as the heroes. However, with so many heroes populating the planet now, Zemo may find that his control won’t last forever. As for Sterns, he’d always have his own agenda that could make him a wild card due to his egotism conflicting with Zemo’s leadership.

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