This Mother’s Day, several ways to protect memories, keepsakes

Many years ago, there was a famous long-distance commercial ( featuring Bear Bryant. In the ad, the legendary coach encouraged viewers to stay in touch with family. At the end, the Bear uttered the scripted line, “‘Have you called your momma today?”’ but, right after that, ad libbed “I sure wish I could call mine.” With one sentence, an ordinary message to honor our mothers became sublime.

Fields, Sean

Although the coach’s mother was departed, it was clear she remained in his heart. In my mind, there is no better way to pay homage. While we should make as many memories with our mothers as we can, it is a sad fact that many of our recollections will fall through the cracks. Despite the fact that photos help, they are frequently sequestered in a closet or, in the case of a hard drive, lost in a crowd. Even worse, pictures can be permanently lost from fire, flood, or equipment failure.