Travis Head Gets Offensive Flair Award and Saves Hobart’s Ashes Debut | Ashes 2021-22

THEn the first afternoon of Hobart’s Ashes debut, the knives were out for Bellerive Oval. Australia had lost David Warner, Usman Khawaja and Steve Smith by a total of six points, while Australia as a team had scored 12. The pitch appeared to belong to Emerald City. As a result, netizens began to get stuck in the surface as not being a good thing, a lottery, a shame, or anything else they could think of, proclaiming that Hobart had blown up his test cricket entry. big league and that the city should never get a test. again.

Except that over the next hour or so, Travis Head and Marnus Labuschagne produced a pass that featured 71 runs in 69 balls, repeatedly taking bowling to great effect. Stuart Broad and Ollie Robinson had been tough to tackle early in the innings with irregular sewing motion, but as soon as Mark Wood kicked in his extra pace disappeared at the fence with the corresponding speed. Chris Woakes was beaten in conditions that should have suited him. Life came out of the pink ball and began to flee to England as well.

After Travis Head’s quick 152 in the Brisbane Ashes Test, one wonders how lucky it was to be a round. His attack range and running pace for the ball created many close calls, but which he survived to produce a flurry of runs. The repeat of the dose in Hobart strongly suggested Brisbane was no fluke. There was method in the approach, because Head produced a round of such a powerful punch back that it turned the tide.

It bears repeating that the score was 12 for three when Head entered. A No.5, back after a test with Covid, continued in the first 10 overs. Cloudy sky and moving ball. So he cut his second ball for three and laced his ninth through the blanket for four. Two balls later, another at the fence with a practice square. There was a tactical point to that, recognizing that English bowling had been so precise that defensive play was likely to make him an easier target. Firing back could confuse bowlers, and his best chance to score was to do so before receiving a ball he couldn’t play.

But there was no longer the unplayable. The first batting partnership barrage ended when Labuschagne bizarrely wandered outside, leaving Broad with a set of unmaintained stumps to topple over. Those fucking green fields, eh?

Undeterred, Head continued to play a ball stroke. His only defensive response was to those full and straight. Whatever came out of the stump, he would hit the back foot or push back the front depending on the length. Sometimes he found the land, most of the time he didn’t. In the end, he had made 101 of 113 balls, making a strike in the middle of the ball after lifting his bat.

It was an eye-opening intervention from a player whose approach to the game has changed. Still considered nationally as a type of offense, Head’s batting rate in Test cricket prior to this series was 49. During the current series he has scored 87. He appeared to be liberated by making it to the top. Gabba, who turned into a quick fifty in Adelaide and now this hundred.

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In Hobart, Head played offensive shots for almost half of the deliveries he faced, a rate he has never exceeded before. Across the streak he now leads both sides with 349 out of 399 balls. In Ashes’ entire history, only Ian Botham in his famous 1981 effort has completed so many runs in a streak at higher hit rate. fast, with 399 of 428 balls to 93. With one set to go, Head could still overtake him.

There is individual genius to be enjoyed there, but also the fact that a ground he could play those innings on was good for playing cricket. Teams are authorized to take counters. The stick is allowed to be hard. Test matches can last five days, but nothing in the laws says they have to. Lots of boring games go the distance, lots of interesting games are over in less time. All of these things are OK.

Hobart’s dynamic start made it an exciting contest, one that will make people want to tune in on day two to see where the game is going. In all of these ways, the start of Hobart’s Ashes went exactly as planned.

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