Was Nika the First Devil Fruit User?

This A chunk The world has modified without end as Luffy awakens the satan fruit and his true nature is revealed. Luffy’s Rubber-Rubber Fruit has truly been a legendary Zoan, Human-Human Fruit Mannequin Nika from the very starting.

The identify Nika was first talked about by the Who’s-Who a dozen or so episodes in the past when she informed the story of a legendary warrior who would free slaves and make individuals she meet smile. The Solar God was a fable handed down by way of the generations, however might he actually exist?

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When Luffy woke up the fruit, the elephant Zunesha stated that Luffy’s presence reminded him of Pleasure Boy, the mysterious determine 800 years in the past. This makes Pleasure Boy the one different identified person of the satan fruit. Provided that they’re attempting to erase his identify from historical past, we additionally know that he was an enemy of the World Authorities or no matter on the time.

Might Pleasure Boy be the legendary Solar God that slaves prayed to? It was alive 800 years in the past, and there is loads of time for a narrative to change into a legend. Maybe individuals merely forgot his identify, remembering his energy and look. Pleasure Boy ought to have an analogous god-like form in his woke up state, so it is doable he is the “Legendary Warrior” individuals are speaking about.

The one drawback is, satan fruits had been additionally a factor 800 years in the past. Oden’s spouse, Toki, was born within the Empty Century and has had a fruition of time journey. Though these are solely two confirmed fruits, it’s doubtless that the majority of them existed at the moment. How to not be remembered for a determine like Pleasure Boy, who clearly had affect on the earth as an ally of the Fishmen and the traditional kingdom? Why ought to slaves pray to Nika and never Pleasure Boy if he is the one who saved them? The Solar God appears to have existed in different cultures as nicely. The Shandorians prayed to a Solar God solely 400 years in the past, and it might be unusual in the event that they forgot the identify Pleasure Boy only some generations later, regardless that they weren’t associated.

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So, what if Nika is her personal particular person? The legendary warrior might have existed even earlier than Pleasure Boy. Going again to the Shandorians, the cities of gold had been constructed 1100 years in the past, lengthy earlier than the Void Century. Maybe Nika was the chief or chief of this historical tribe in Jaya years in the past. He ate the primary then-unnamed satan fruit and will then go on a journey to free slaves within the identified world. That will make it a legend at a time when there have been no unified governments. Not figuring out what the satan fruit was, individuals thought it was blessed by the gods.

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