What is Buster Call?

The World Government, the only governing body in the entire world, has many tools it can use to ensure its justice. The largest of these is clearly the Marines, with three admirals standing at the pinnacle of power. After all, admirals are some of the most powerful beings in the world. One of them is enough to destroy a whole city.

However, there is another vehicle owned by the World Government that is even more dangerous than a Marine admiral. When used, it can easily wipe out an entire country from the face of the earth in a matter of hours. This weapon is called Buster Call and here is everything you need to know about it.


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What is Buster Call?

As the name suggests, Buster Call is a call that can be made to destroy a specific target. When the Buster Call is initiated, at least two of its largest ships and the nearest five Vice-Admirals, ten ships in total, will answer the call and immediately arrive at the place of call. The call is, in a way, an indication of where the target is.

However, instead of conducting an investigation, ten fully equipped ships will hit and destroy the target until there is nothing left. After all, Buster Call operates on the principle of “Absolute Justice” Maritime; that means anything is allowed if it’s for the sake of justice. They even destroy an entire nation just for the sake of one criminal, unless there is a specific order to save a specific person. Ordinary citizens caught during the demolition are simply considered collateral damage.

For this reason, many people, including some high-ranking marines like ex-admiral Aokiji, consider the Buster Call to be an overkill weapon that shouldn’t exist. Adding to the overwhelming influence they already have, it gives a lot of military power to the World Government.

Who Can Start the Buster Call?

Due to its immense power, Buster Call is not something that can be started by anyone. Currently, there are ten known individuals authorized to initiate the Buster Call, and as expected, all are either from the Marine Corps or the World Government. On the sea side, these people are three naval admirals and fleet admirals. From the World Government, they are five elders and the commander-in-chief. Lower-ranking officers may initiate a Buster Call if any of the ten previously mentioned have expressly given their consent.

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The way to start Buster Call is to use Mushi from gold to call mushi from silver. The gold one is usually in the hands of the people authorized to initiate the Buster Call, while the silver one is usually in the hands of the Marine fleets. When the button on the gold Den Den Mushi is pressed, the silver Den Den Mushi will sound high alert, and then the fleet will immediately move to the gold Den Den Mushi’s location as Buster Call’s designated target.

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