What to Expect from the Episode?

A piece 1046 gave fans some of the most incredible action between Luffy and Kaido, while also delving into the ongoing fire crisis in Onigashima. With Luffy showing off even more of his skills and pairing Kaido up in a battle, fans have learned what waking up from Kaido really is, and now the manga is heading towards chapter 1047. At the same time, Raizo’s master plan to extinguish the fire in Onigashima was determined. take action. Raizo was able to save countless lives from being lost by using all the water in Zunesha’s bathroom.


The Straw Hat Pirates’ helmsman, Jinbe, used Fishman Jiujutsu to spread the Water throughout the castle and save everyone. With the fire gone, the plot of the Land of Wano game now has less to deal with, meaning there will be more focus on the climax of Luffy’s fight against Kaido. A piece Chapter 1047.

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What to Expect from One Piece 1047?

One Piece 1047 It will likely continue where the previous one left off. In the last panel of the previous episode, Luffy was seen soaring into the sky in his giant form and catching lightning to attack Kaido, who seemed quite happy to see what he was capable of. The next episode will likely show fans how Luffy used lightning to attack Kaido. Given that Yonko is known for her stamina, it’s very likely she’ll try to repel the blow. While Luffy’s attack is certainly incredibly powerful, it’s not powerful enough to completely defeat Kaido even when he’s on his last legs.

However, Kaido will definitely take quite a bit of damage after the attack. This ties in well with his use of Flame Clouds to lift Onigashima. If Kaido gets even weaker, Onigashima will likely fall, so it’s up to Momonosuke to keep the island using his own Flame Clouds. It is highly likely that this will happen One Piece part 1047especially since Kaido will want to use all of his remaining strength to defeat Luffy forever in a fair fight. It’s unclear whether he’ll be successful in doing this, but to defeat Luffy, Onigashima must stop using the Flame Clouds that allow him to fly.

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Will One Piece Episode 1047 Show Kaido’s Awakening?

One Piece 1047 can focus more on awakening as Kaido can finally harness his powers. Kaido is extremely strong, so it should come as no surprise that he also wakes up Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryu. In the previous episode, fans saw Kaido explain his awakening process to Luffy. According to him, awakening occurs after the user’s mind and body are fully immersed in the Devil Fruit power. Frankly, Kaido would only know this if he was an awakened Devil Fruit user. He previously used Shuron Hakke, an ability that allowed him to take advantage of the many forms the Devil Fruit offers.

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