When Luffy Was Wrong in One Piece

Monkey D. Luffy is the principle character of Eiichiro Oda. A bit. To be able to grow to be the Pirate King, Luffy sailed and bought a really highly effective staff referred to as the Straw Hat Pirates. Over time, the hero has gained immense fame and energy and is now thought-about one of many biggest pirates ever.

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Nonetheless, that does not essentially imply that Luffy did not make errors. On his solution to the highest, Luffy made a number of errors and would not have gotten so far as he got here with out the assistance of his teammates.


7 Assault on Zoro at Whiskey Peak

Luffy is often somebody who all the time trusts his staff greater than anybody else. In Arlong Park, he trusted Nami though he was adamant that he betrayed them. In Water 7, Luffy did not imagine a phrase Robin stated to him and even adopted him to the Enies Foyer.

Nonetheless, in Whiskey Peak, Luffy behaved fairly unusually. When Zoro protected the crew by killing 100 bounty hunters, Luffy attacked him, considering he was killing the individuals who gave them meals. Though Zoro repeatedly tried to elucidate his facet, Luffy made positive he wasn’t listening and continued to assault him till Nami had utterly stopped the 2 of them.

6 I Did not Act Like a Captain on Drum Island

Shortly after leaving Little Backyard, Nami fell sick with a really critical sickness named Kestia. The staff went to Drum Island to search out a health care provider for him. Not surprisingly, the individuals of Drum Island weren’t too eager on permitting pirates into their nation, particularly after one other pirate, Blackbeard, had just lately devastated the nation.

Listening to this, Luffy nearly resorted to aggression till Vivi intervened and realized that Nami may die relying on her determination. Vivi additionally highlighted Luffy’s shortcomings as a captain and opened her eyes to the truth that she finally needed to request entry as an alternative.

5 He Performed a Function in Leaving the Crew in Usopp

The Water 7 arc is well among the finest. A bit, and Luffy performed an enormous position in triggering a battle between the staff all through this story. After listening to that Merry couldn’t be repaired, Luffy determined to purchase a brand new ship. Usopp, naturally, disagreed and needed to belief the ship that carried the crew to the Grand Line.

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It goes with out saying that Usopp wasn’t rational, however within the warmth of the second, Luffy made his sniper notice he wanted to remain behind. Sensing what Luffy was about to say, Sanji kicked him earlier than he might end his sentence, however the harm had already been accomplished.

4 He Thought He Might Meet In 3 Days

Maybe the best tragedy to befall the Straw Hat Pirates was within the Sabaody Archipelago. After punching a Celestial Dragon, the Marine Corps despatched Admiral Kizaru to the island. On the similar time, to take care of the inflow of pirates so near their headquarters, they despatched Sentomaru and their Pacifistas to seize them.

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