Where Are Straw Hats Heading After Wano?

The long-running “Wano” arc A piece is about to come to a conclusion. Luffy and Kaido have entered the final phase of their fateful war, and when it’s over, the people of Wano will be free. The Straw Hats will likely have the big end-of-spring party that Luffy has been waiting for since before the raid, but where will they go next?

The Straw Hats have a clear path ahead of them since they allied themselves with the Trafalgar Law on Punk Danger. They wanted to take down Kaido, so they had to cut their supply chain for Smile Fruits. This meant abducting Ceasar Clown, which led them to destroy the Smile Factory and defeat Doflamingo in Dressrosa. They then went to regroup in Zou, but Sanji was captured and they had to rescue him on Whole Cake Island before finally making his way to Wano.

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A pieceThe “Wano” arc is similar to Alabasta, where the Straw Hats stop on multiple islands to help Vivi save her home. Apart from their invasion of Big Mom’s territory, which is supposed to happen because she has a Road Poneglyph at the end, the Straw Hats are on their way to one goal: defeating Kaido. When Alabasta ended, they had no idea what their next adventure would be until the ship fell from the sky and started the “Sky Island” saga. But since then, much of the outside world has A piece It came into focus, and major events occurred that could draw the Straw Hats in.

The first is Reverie’s fallout. The leaders of the nations subordinate to the World Government got together and decided to disperse the Shichibukai, so now the former Warlords are on the hunt. While they were in session, Sabo and several Revolutionary Army leaders clashed with the two admirals stationed in Marijoa.

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In addition to all of this, Big New Morgans announced a death in Reverie that was implied to be Sabo, Vivi, or her father Cobra. While it’s highly unlikely that Vivi or Sabo will die especially off-screen, there’s a chance that one or both will be caught. Sabo is a wanted criminal and Vivi’s picture is in the hands of the mysterious Imu, the leader of the Big Five, so they’re both targets the World Government would want to execute, just as they did with Ace. If the Straw Hats find out that either of them has been caught, they will certainly race to save them.

When Luffy first saw his life card fading, he didn’t go to save Ace – and that probably won’t let up until today. But since Wano is isolated, it would be difficult to learn any of this information, but there is a small fleet of Navy warships sitting just outside. The crew may interrogate them or steal a newspaper on their way out.

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