Why Didn’t the Third Hokage Raise Naruto (Despite Kushina’s Wish)

Sarutobi Hiruzen has all the time appeared like a dependable Hokage and buddy, so why did not he preserve his promise to Kushina to maintain Naruto?

Kushina Uzumaki’s final want naruto Hiruzen Sarutobi was alleged to look after his new child child, however the Third Hokage principally disappeared in Naruto’s life. Due to Obito Uchiha’s actions, Kushina and Minato spent little time with their sons. To avoid wasting the lifetime of not solely Naruto, however your entire Leaf Village, the Fourth Hokage and former Jinchuriki needed to sacrifice their lives whereas sealing the 9-tailed spirit of their son.

Anticipating all of the struggles an orphaned Jinchuriki will face in her life, Kushina spent her final moments on earth asking the Third Hokage to maintain Naruto, Sarutobi agreed and warranted that she would get him. “full duty”. Nevertheless, Naruto nonetheless grew up dwelling alone, had no thought who his mother and father had been, and was by no means knowledgeable about why folks had been afraid of him, though a lot of the village’s adults had been conscious that he was a “fox boy.” In different phrases, the life Kushiha thought Sarutobi would give Naruto and the Hokage’s future life could not be extra completely different.


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Though the Third Hokage by no means mentioned the explanation why he did not preserve his promise to Kushina, it may be concluded that his actions had been deliberate. Regardless of his involvement within the Hyuuga clan debacle and the Uchiha clan bloodbath, the Third Hokage was removed from being a nasty particular person or a very pragmatic chief like Danzo. So the one logical clarification for Hiruzen not elevating Naruto or not giving him particular therapy within the village is that many enemies will both be searching for the Fourth Hokage’s son or one of many tailed beasts, the Jinchurikis, so nobody can possess him. The concept of ​​how essential Naruto actually is. That is why Naruto was given the surname Uzumaki as a substitute of the surname Namizake, and so anybody who knew Naruto was the proprietor of the fox was not allowed to argue that.

Defending Naruto from threats from exterior the village made sense, particularly contemplating that Akatsuki had already appeared, and it helps to grasp why the Third Hokage did it. Nevertheless, whether or not Sarutobi’s choice was value it’s debatable. Naruto needed to develop up with the ache of not realizing something about his household, the loneliness of being an orphan with no different family on the planet, and the hatred and prejudice of your entire village. With out Naruto’s unwavering spirit and dream of turning into a Hokage, the character might have walked a really completely different path and Naruto might have been like Gaara: a fierce, resentful Jinchuriki who hated everybody round him. Contemplating that when Naruto was 13 years outdated, Akatsuki was already after him, Sarutobi’s plan might need been pointless in spite of everything.

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