Why it matters that Sony is getting more serious about game preservation

It’s more important than ever before for the video game industry to actively invest in game preservation. While the topic has been a big talking point for a number of years – particularly as we push further towards a digital-first future – it has come under the microscope once again as publishers begin to shutter legacy storefronts, making it near impossible to play countless games from previous console generations. Thankfully, it looks like Sony is taking a step in the right direction towards preserving its legacy.

According to Garrett Fredley – an engineer who recently posted about joining PlayStation – Sony is putting together a newly established preservation team to “Ensure our industry’s history isn’t forgottenWhile there has been no official announcement from the company regarding what that entails and what it will mean from a standpoint, it’s a move that I hope signals the start of a concerted effort to conserve Sony’s vast catalog of games for future generations.


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As support for older platforms draws to an end and as digital storefronts begin to close, calls for game preservation have only grown. The games we grew up playing, or were otherwise foundational to making the industry what it is today, are disappearing – and it’s time for platform holders to step in and do something about it.

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