Why ‘One Piece’ Episode 1015 Might Be One of the Best Anime Episodes of All Time

I’m used to trying to persuade my friends to start A piece-and losing them, there are more than a thousand chapters/chapters I shyly admit. when you’re out of the world A piece, it may be hard to imagine HOW such a length could be justified. I know this feeling. I just started A piece However, this weekend’s episode of the anime adapting the manga’s 1000th episode, A pieceIt turns into an excellent 23-minute television show. And it seems beautiful.

The aesthetic beauty of episode 1015, nicknamed “Roof Piece” by fans, is another. A piece cliché breaking. Many manga fans in particular have been (understandably) offended by anime’s non-exhaustive art style in the past. I personally found him attractive—A piece After all, it started in the ’90s – but the Wano arc brought an elevated animation style to the series. Suddenly, A piece it looked downright stunning, and manga fans were persuaded to give the show another chance. Even among this new accolade, Megumi Ishitani stands out as a particularly successful director. Chapter 1015 The third chapter of Ishitani. A piece episode. It’s a masterpiece. Here is why.


Ishitani took a few artistic liberties in episode 1000 of Eiichiro Oda. For example, the episode revealed Yamato’s memories of his time with Luffy’s brother, Ace. In an incredibly emotional and poetically animated episode, the audience is embodied by Yamato as they realize the depth of Luffy’s parallels with Gol D. Roger. During 1,015 episodes, Luffy often said, “I will be the Pirate King!” we hear you say. As A piece advanced, the expression has fundamentally changed. It turned from a child’s strange fantasy into an expression with real weight, even a threatening in the right company. Once Luffy landed on Wano, this new weight started to feel incredibly tangible. And now here Yamato understands the weight of expression even when Luffy is still a kid.

Yamato displays Ace in One Piece 1015 as a child
image: Toei Animation

Character Development

Episode 1015 is officially “Monkey D. Luffy! The Man Who Will Become the Pirate King!” This is “I’m Luffy! The Man Who Would Become the Pirate King!” As is even more evident in the Japanese titles, episode one is a quote expressing Luffy’s ambition. Episode 1015 places it as an inevitability, a fact. A piece is to experience this change. The deliberate slowness and length of the series definitely what makes the growth of her characters so believable. A piece long because So it’s character driven. The room gives its heroes space to grow, really to grow up and to be successful people they set out on, especially in the first place. nothing like anything else A piece For that matter: its length is a luxury for character development.

The enormity of success captured by chapter 1015 probably cannot be overstated. Ishitani emotionally summed up Luffy’s journey in 23 minutes. And Ishitani deftly carried that momentum to consolidate the enormity of the present moment: Luffy and his allies face off against two Pirate Emperors at once. We watched Luffy struggle, fight, grow and suffer terrible losses. He wasn’t the Pirate King in the first episode. But when I said this at the end of episode 1015, I started to cry. My son has grown so much. I’m proud of him.

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