Will there be Gear 5th Luffy?

Monkey D. Luffy’s Gomu Gomu no Mi energy has been one of the fascinating facets of his character as he has realized to make use of it in unimaginable methods through the years. Whereas Satan Fruit does not appear very helpful contemplating its solely energy is to show Luffy right into a rubber man, Luffy finds distinctive methods to harness his powers and develop into stronger.

To date, one of the intriguing additions Luffy has made to his powers is using “Gears”, which refers back to the completely different energy mods he accesses utilizing the Satan Fruit. In one piece In Enies Foyer, Luffy discovered Gear Second, which will increase his power by pumping blood by way of his physique sooner, and Gear Third, which sees him inflate his bones to generate extra energy. After the time soar, Luffy was capable of create Gear Fourth, which makes use of inflated muscular tissues and Khaki to generate energy. Curiously, it has been seven years since Luffy’s final main Gear power-up, and it is solely doable that one thing new will emerge quickly. one piece Wano Nation bow – Fifth Gear.


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One of many largest questions on the subject of speculating about Luffy’s Gears is whether or not there will probably be Gear Fifth within the first place. In any case, Luffy has managed to enhance his management over Gear Fourth and might not be prepared for the following step but. Whereas there’s some reality to that thought, it is solely doable that Gear Fifth exists, relying on what followers suppose Gear Fifth will do. Luffy’s gears work in distinctive methods and make full use of his Satan Fruit energy each time. With Gear Second, Luffy takes benefit of his rubber physique to take care of an extremely hypertension, making the blood circulation in his physique a lot sooner and turns into stronger with the sudden doping-like impact. In Gear Third, Luffy inflates his tire bones to generate as a lot energy as doable, and Gear Fourth makes use of a excessive degree of compression due to Khaki mixed with Gomu Gomu no Mi.

Clearly, there’s room for Gear Fifth to exist, as Luffy has but to grasp each facet of Satan Fruit energy. An enormous buff continues to be lacking for Luffy and it is the Satan Fruit awakening. It goes with out saying that when Luffy awakens Gomu Gomu no Mi, his power will probably be skyrocketed by seeing what he is completed for the likes of Eustass Child and Trafalgar Legislation. Identical to them, Luffy will be capable to wield the Satan Fruit at key moments and harness powers that transcend a rubber physique. Due to this fact, Luffy’s Fifth Gear may simply be the shape by which he focuses extra on exploiting awakening.

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